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What is Splash at Poly?

Splash at Poly is a Saturday long educational exploration program which allows intellectually curious high school students register for up to six classes at Florida Polytechnic University.

Who teaches classes at Splash? YOU do!

Splash courses are organized and taught by Florida Polytechnic University students and alumni, industry professionals, and guest teachers from outside universities or organizations. With complete freedom to create and execute a course (50 minute minimum), you can choose to teach “Are we living in a Rick and Morty simulation?”, “Photovoltaics and their place in Mars colonization”, or anything in between. If you are new to the teaching scene - don’t worry! We will be hosting on campus and online “trainings” sessions for tips and tricks. All teachers are required to sign up for two blocks (teaching or volunteering) Teachers also receive free lunch and t-shirts during Splash days, too!

What can I teach about?

Anything works! You can teach any class from partial differential equations, to anime throughout the years , to how to own at competitive Smash! As long as the course is appropriate for high school students (no illegal activities), we’re open to everything!

Besides courses, you can choose to conduct a “Walk-In” activity. Walk in activities do not require registration and can range from organized board games to Jedi training! Students can leave empty slots in their schedules or choose to leave a class to attend. We also have open slots for students to choose a movie and run it! This is a great way to watch one of your favorite movies and enjoy free food while doing so. Have an idea for a walk-in? Email us at splashatpoly@gmail.com (Subject: Walk In Idea) and we can help!

What is the time commitment?

Small. Teaching at Splash has a big impact but is takes very little time. All teachers are required to sign up for two blocks, but you get to choose the time and shift! One can be a course and the other a security shift - or any combination! Besides the actual time it takes to teach your class (50 minutes per), you may be asked to attend a 15 minute session with a Splash organizer to go over any questions you have and receive feedback on your class idea. We will provide you with a t-shirt and free food as a token of our appreciation :) If you are compelled to take on a larger role, we would love to have you on board! You can sign up to teach more than one class, host a ‘walk-in’ activity, or run the show at HQ!

How can I help plan Splash?

Want to join the team that does everything from budgeting to recruitment and everything in between? Email us at splashatpoly@gmail.com and use the subject “Administration Board” for more information on available positions and opportunities.

Want to teach a Splash class? You have come to the right place!

  • If you are a Florida Polytechnic University student/ alumni, register to organize and teach a course here starting August 5th.

  • If you are an industry professional, please contact us at splashatpoly@gmail.com and we will handle it for you. Guest teachers and outside organization representatives, please contact us as well for Director permission of participation before proceeding.

Want to get involved but are not too sure on conducting a course?

It is understandable to feel intimidated by teaching a course on your passions and hobbies to a class of 9th - 12th graders, but we are here to help! The Splash Administration Board will be conducting informational sessions and trainings to help you prepare to teach a kick-butt class! If teaching is just not for you, head over to our volunteer site to check out other opportunities here!

Have a question that isn’t mentioned on here? Check the FAQ!

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