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Who: 9th - 12th grade students

What: Short courses on all kinds of topics!

When: November 18th 2017

Where: Florida Polytechnic University [Lakeland, FL]

Cost: $20 [T-shirt included!!]* generous financial aid available

What is Splash at Poly?

Splash at Poly is an weekend long educational exploration program which allows intellectually curious high school students register for up to six classes at Florida Polytechnic University. HOW DOES IT WORK? Splash students get a taste of college by spending one weekend on the Florida Polytechnic University campus. High schoolers sign up for up to nine classes through our online registration portal. Students have the opportunity to discover new interests by participating in short, fun classes about anything from quantum computing to paper airplane engineering. The program fee is $20 and includes class materials and a Splash commemorative t-shirt! Generous financial aid available.

Why should I attend Splash at Poly?

Our program is the perfect way for students to find new passions and possible paths for your future! Over the course of the day you will be able to engage with college students, meet other high schoolers with similar interests, and have new-found independence in relation to your education! Students will get to explore new topics that would never be offered in a high school classroom and get to interact with college students who are passionate about their courses of study. Splash at Poly is an unique opportunity for participants to learn what they can study at college and can provide students who are unsure about their plans after graduation with insights into college life and possible career paths. Splash events are held throughout the country at universities such as Berkeley, UNC, and MIT - come join the fun at the only Splash event in the state of Florida!

What are the requirements to attend the program?

The program is open to students in grades 9 through 12 or home school students in equivalent grades.

This sounds like fun! Can parents get involved?

Of course! There will be a Splash Parent Program (SPP) held on Saturday morning, November 18th, that will enable participant guardians to get a feel for what Splash is all about. This FREE program will include a campus tour, Poly student panel (ft. Splash directors!), and mini courses just for parents! Sign up for SPP HERE!

How else can I help out the program?

We would appreciate your help publicizing Splash events at your high school and sharing program announcements with your teachers, counselors, friends, and relatives on social media or in person. Donations can also be made in the student registration portal which would help to sponsor the financial aid program. All program proceeds go to fund the event, improve programming, and provide financial aid scholarships to students who cannot afford to attend Splash.

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