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  1. Parents and Students

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Parents and Students

What is Splash at Poly?

Splash at Poly is a Saturday long educational exploration program which allows intellectually curious high school students register for up to six classes at Florida Polytechnic University. Splash seeks students who are internally driven to learn. We want to give them a unique opportunity to explore a passion and/or learn something outside of the ordinary curriculum. Students are given the freedom to choose their own classes and pick their own schedule. Don't worry, parents - you can sign up for the SPP ;)

When is Splash at Poly?

Splash at Poly will be November 18th 2017.

Where is Splash at Poly?

Splash at Poly will be held on the Florida Polytechnic University campus. All indoor classes will take place in the IST (Innovation, Science, and Technology) Building, while outdoor courses will be held in the recreational area, which is about a 4 minute walk from the IST.

When will student registration start?

Student registration for the Fall Program begins in October. We will be sending out reminder emails to everyone who has created a student account at our website.

How do I create a student account?

To create a student account click the arrow next to “login” in the top right corner of your screen and click “register”. From there, follow the instructions and when prompted, select “student” as the account type.

Why aren’t you accepting middle school (grades 8 and below) students?

Due to liability reasons, we won’t be accepting middle school students into our program. However, this may change in future semesters.

Will you be providing lunches for students?

Lunch will not be provided, so please pack accordingly!

Will you be providing lunches for teachers?

Yes. Teachers will get free lunch!

Is on-site registration allowed?

On-site registration not allowed.

Can I take a class outside of my grade level?

Teachers use their best judgment to set the grade ranges for their classes, so we generally do not allow students to sign up for classes recommended for grades other than their own. However, if you have a truly compelling reason to take such a class, you (not your parents) can email us with which class you want to take and why you want to take it. We will occasionally make exceptions on a case-by-case basis with consultation of the course instructor.

Do I have to fill every time slot with a class?

Nope. If you need to show up late or leave early, that’s fine as long as you sign in and sign out with an admin. You do not have to sign up for a class every period. If you don’t see any class that looks interesting, it’s not a problem; in fact we encourage you not to attend any class that does not appeal to you. We have a student lounge open for students who are not in class and walk-in activities at various times. All that said, students find the day more fulfilling if they take as many interesting classes as possible.

Can parents attend Splash?

Yes and no. Splash events really focus on giving students the chance to call the shots on their education, and although we would love for parents to join the fun, it really isn’t in the spirit of the event. We will, however, have the Splash Parent Program running on Saturday so that student participant’s guardians can see what it is all about. Students, rest assured, we will try to keep them together - don’t worry… they will be gone by 12! Find more information on the SPP HERE.

What should I bring on the day(s) of the program?

Bring your signed waiver forms and lunch. Laptops are optional, but not discouraged.

I paid via credit card, but realized I couldn’t attend the program. Can I get a refund?

We are happy to process credit card refunds before the date of the program; just email us at We unfortunately cannot process refunds after the program date.


Where do I register to teach?

Teacher Registration

What can my class be about?

Classes can be about anything you are passionate about. All that is required is that the content is appropriate for high school students.

How many class sections am I required to teach?

Teachers are required to teach at least two class sections and can teach up to six.

What times are class blocks?

See the “Event Logistics” section of the Home Page.

How long are classes?

Each class block is 50 minutes. You can teach a 50 minute class or a 1 hour and 45 minute double-length class. How many students will be in my class? You can choose how large your class will be. We ask you offer a class that is no smaller than 15 students, unless otherwise stated by room requirements. Classes can be held in classrooms, Aula Magna, or various recreational fields. Have an idea for a new venue? Email us at

How do I request a certain room to teach in?

On the teacher registration portal, there is a field for room requests.

Can I co-teach with a friend?

Yes, you may co-teach a class. We ask that you have all co-teachers added to your class by the time teacher registration closes. A class can have maximum three co-teachers.

When and where do I check-in?

Check in will be 10 minutes prior to your scheduled class start time at the HQ location. Emails will be sent regarding full instruction.

Will I get trained on how to teach?

Training and informational sessions will be held on campus and online. Don’t worry! You will be fully prepared before it is time to teach!

What if I cannot attend the teacher training workshop?

Teachers must complete the required training to teach for Splash at Poly. Make up training materials will be provided if you cannot attend.

Why should I do this?

This is your opportunity to get a class of up to 30 students to listen to you talk on almost any topic for a full 50 minutes - what could be better! This is a great chance to share your passion/hobby/talent/area of study with someone who is willing to learn more and interested in what you have to share with them. There will also be free food provided and t-shirts for all teachers and volunteers. Don’t forget that teaching and outreach experience looks great on a resume!

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